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We are ATLANTA MATHPLUS EDUCATIONAL SERVICES, LLC, a tutoring agency founded in 2008 that focuses in the tutoring of at-risk youth. While most of our students are severely deficient in almost all major course topics, we find that mathematics is the greatest obstacle to their dream of obtaining a high-school degree.

Atlanta MathPlus is owned and operated by our Executive Staff here in Atlanta, GA and is thorough in its review and supervision of the work of MathPlus tutors. Moreover, these caring individuals hold in-depth, proficient expertise in a broad range of topics: sociology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, engineering and many others.

Become a MathPlus Tutor!

Challenge yourself, earn extra income and draw valuable experience.

Our teachers are the backbone or our agency. They are carefully selected to serve our disadvantaged clients and are for the most part certified teachers. All our tutors are vetted thoroughly and are expected to pass a background check before even going into the field to work with your 'little' clients. Each teacher's individual and academic strengths are assessed so that they are matched with an at-risk child who can greatly benefit from those strengths.

Besides a very competitive salary and a very flexible schedule, Atlanta MathPlus offers the unique opportunity for a new teacher to get some valuable experience and knowledge working with a special-needs group of students. This will go a long way towards opening doors, sooner rather than later, in the career of a teacher!

Social Service Provider Info

We complement agencies with our "fortress" of educational support.

With the help and support of social service agencies, we do our very best to overcome these deficiencies while giving each students the skills and discipline they need to excel, even after our tutors are gone! All our tutors are instructed to use patience and understanding, particularly when our students are having a bad day. We know it's a challenge, but we are definitely up to it.

Also, we keep in touch with the student's teachers, and submit a monthly report to parents, teachers and/or service agencies, depending on the request. Our work extends well beyond Math, as we address all deficiencies as much as we can with the time allotted to us.